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Barnwood Creations, Beloit WI
Since 1999

Welcome to Barnwood Creations. We specialize in hand crafted, custom, barnwood furniture and kitchen cabinetry. Each unique custom one "of a kind" piece of barnwood furniture and kitchen cabinetry is hand crafted and built with antique style square nails to give you that authentic rustic look and quality.

How do we create such unique "one of a kind" excellent quality hand crafted barnwood furniture and custom kitchen cabinetry. Check out the pictures and information below and you will have a better idea how this process all comes together to create your special "one of a kind" piece to your design

We first carefully select each piece of aged pine barnboard to best be used on your special custom piece. Each piece is meticulously examined to meet our high standards.

Then each hand selected barnboard is sanded and cut into the sizes needed to build your custom piece.

Each custom piece is painstakingly cared for during the entire creative process.

Each step in the process is completed with attention to every minute detail. In the process of building the custom piece the barnboards are hand joined together with glue and antique style square nails for strength, quality and rustic look.

Ensuring that the custom furniture creation process is followed ensures that your barnwood furniture will be a keepsake for generations to come.

NOTE: The special designed Crown Moulding™ (Barnwood Creations Trademark) made from barnboard. The upper half of the Crown Moulding has a routed design and the lower half has saw cuts (dental style) for a very unique Barnwood Creations look.

Take a look at the attention to detail in creating our Custom Barnwood Furniture. Click on an image to see a larger size of the detail photography!
detail photo
This shows the beautiful gold color of the yellow pine barnboards and the character in the boards. (saw marks, nail holes, etc.)
detail photo
This shows the Barnwood Creations Trademark Crown Moulding™
detail photo
This shows one of the many types of character in the aged pine barnboards
detail photo
This shows the square nail heads, light and dark areas and character in the barnboards.

More about Barnwood Creations coming soon, please check back soon to see how we create custom barnwood furniture.


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